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Notting Hill Carnival

Despite the bad weather over one million visitors are expected to attend the two-day event which is the largest of its kind in Europe. The event has taken place on the West London streets every August Bank Holiday weekend since 1964.

Photography by Mary Turner/Getty Images

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UNITED KINGDOM, London : Performers in costumes take part in the parade as it rains during the second day of the Notting Hill Carnival in west London on August 25, 2014. Heavy rain continued throughout the day, dampening many feathered costumes and performers. A million revellers were expected to join Europe’s biggest street party the Notting Hill Carnival from Sunday, filling the city with reggae, steel bands and dancing. The Notting Hill Carnival honours London’s Afro-Caribbean culture in an area which was home to thousands of immigrants to Britain from the Caribbean in the 1950s onwards. AFP PHOTO/Leon Neal

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We love Notting Hill Carnival <3

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I wasn’t going to reblog pictures of this lady but this one is enough about carnival while being a strong photo of her too, so it gets kudos!

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Notting Hill (Chocolate) Carnival

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" Sound Clash " by Alex Fakso

These photos have been taken during Caribbean Carnival in Notting Hill, between 2009 and 2012, a place where carnival culture is very heart-felt and music is the real protagonist; Caribbean rhythms, ska, reggae, dub are just few of the genres listened in UK. Every year the streets of the neighborhood fill with millions of people and music takes over, thanks to many sound systems, the most famous have been played here since more than 30 years. ” My personal idea was to get very graphic images of the event, composed by parallelepipeds, very interesting in their way of representing that context. I took pictures before sound systems started to pump music up: calm before the storm. After some hours the atmosphere would have changed completely and millions of people would have crowded under those sound totems, which symbolize street culture bonded to carnival. ” ( Alex Fakso ) 

IT, 2012 ( Aalphabet books )

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This is the BEST photo i’ve ever seen. You have the guy who was stabbed in the middle of the picture. Then the policeman like ‘whaaat?’. Now you get to see the crowd in shock saying OMFG! in the background.

But the most important thing. You have the asshole responsible for the attack, the knife, AND the superhero who saved the day in the most stupid way ever.

Amazing picture!!!

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Let’s get snapping! I need to take my camera out of hibernation.

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